CH Harborview Trix Of The Trade

Trixie’s Pedigree

  CH Cloverdale Tommy Bahama
  CH Cloverdale Katmandu
  Cloverdale Camryn
GCH Harborview Under Construction OS 
  CH Harborview Just U Wait OS BISS BOSS
  Hearthside’s Chip Off The Rock
  AM/CAN CH Hearthside French Connection  
  CH Sunkota’s Phorgone Conclusion OS
  CH Gideon Roll In The Sheetz BISS RN WC NAP NJP 
  Hytree’s Do U Believe’n Love?
CH Harborview That Girl
  CH Tuxedo’s Sonic Levitation OS
  CH Harborview Legal Action
    Harborview Just One Look