CH Harborview Without A Doubt 
CH Hillock’s Johnnie Walker X Harborview Turn The Page 





Promise is as her name implies….without a doubt, she will win your heart with her silly, impish ways!  She is everyone’s best friend and loves playing with all the dogs but she has a special bond with Keno, as they grew up together.

Promise started her show career off with a bang winning Best Baby Puppy In Show three consecutive days!!  We were shocked-we shouldn’t have been but then we had no idea what she had in store.

She hit the rings at 6 months old for more practice and was quickly awarded her first points.  She was then awarded Best Of Breed over specials from the 6-9 puppy bitch class!  Again, we were stunned-but she had more…..As she headed into the 9-12 puppy class, she was awarded back to back majors that are needed for an AKC Championship.  She continued to show her “promise” as a show dog and was awarded Best Puppy In Specialty Show by a renowned breeder judge.  She then won Winner’s bitch back to back to back to finish her Championship from the 9-12 puppy class at the tender age of 10 months old with me at the end of her lead.

Promise has grown into a stunningly beautiful girl.  Her headpiece is strong but still beautiful.  She has an amazing topline and is very clean coming and going with ground covering side gait.

Always the center of attention-she demands it!!  She is quite package and we adore her and all her princess tendencies!!!   

wave                                                                wave



Promise’s Pedigree

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