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GCH Harborview Under Construction X Harborview Conspiracy Of One(13 pts 1 major)



Tipsy is as her name implies….a silly, impish girl who just wants to have fun!  She is everyone’s best friend and loves playing with all the dogs equally.  One of her favorite things to do is to grab a toy from the back yard and then take off running so she has the rest of the golden gang chasing her!

Tipsy has beautiful breed type with dark, brown eyes, and a nice broad muzzle but at the same time, she still has a feminine quality to her.  She is average size in the middle of standard.  She is very short backed and has a strong topline with balanced angles front and rear.  She is a very nice blend of both her dad, Detour and her mom, Alibi.  She is currently 2.5 years old.


Tipsy with Juice(Tipsy on right with paw up)



Tipsy’s Pedigree

  CH Cloverdale Tommy Bahama
  CH Colverdale Katmandu
  Cloverdale Camryn
GCH Harborview Under Construction
  CH Harborview Just U Wait OS BISS BOSS
  Hearthside’s Chip Off The Rock OD
  AM/CAN CH Hearthside French Connection
  CH Faera’s Future Classic OS
  CH. Hytree’s Ryd-N-Out The Storm OS/SDHF
  CH. Faera’s Tanish Speed Deamon OD
Harborview Conspiracy Of One
  CH Tuxedo’s Sonic Levitation OS
  Harborview Plead The Fifth
    Harborview Just One Look